Wax & Cappings Melter 55 Gallon

Wax & Cappings Melter 55 Gallon.

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Wax & Capping Melter by Dancing Bee 55 gallon in a stain,ess steel barrell. It’s the perfect way to render your wax cappings in a efficient manner,

High quality 18 guage stainless steel

includes a TRX-55 Drum Heater

Designed to save you time.

Very good value for your money 


Diameter 22 1/2 inches

Shipping weight approximately 14 Lbs

Operating voltage 120V AC to 240 V AC single phase

Power output 1920W @ 120V or 3000W @ 240V

Thermostat range is 60 Degree F to 250 degrees F or 200 degree F to 400 degree F

Amperage 16A at 120V & 12.5A at 240V.


Picture courtesy of Dancing Bee