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VARROX-A powerful Oxalic Vaporizer.

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The Varrox-a powerful oxalic vaporizer with a great price! Expected April 5, 2022

This Oxalic vaporizer is great for the hobbyist with over ten hives. Once you purchase the vaporizer the treatments are very inexpensive compared to other treatment methods.

Attach to a 12 volt car battery Treatment only takes 2 1/2 minutes wait a minute more then remove and dunk in a bucket of water to cool. Then you are ready to do your next hive.

This treatment only gets rid of mites that are on the bees not in the brood. The fall is a great time for this treatment as there isn’t a lot of brood. In the summertime you need to do treatment 4 times 5 days apart to get emerging mites.