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Need Better Pollination?


We are looking to expand our beehive locations.
If you need pollination service for your fruits
& vegetables please contact us.

Bee Pollination service Chatham Ontario Canada



Call for pricing 226-798-5400


  • You get better pollination for your crops.

  • We get more honey production.

  • We both help the Bees start to thrive again and help them.

It is truly a win-win situation for everyone, including the bees which need our help!

Ideally we are looking for areas in Chatham-Kent On or Essex County Ontario.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Contact Us Today For Details


Pollination Recommendations

Many crops require honey bees to move pollen in order to have good seed growth and to get increased fruit growth. Recommendations for # of hives per type of crop as follows:

CROP TYPE                                           NUMBER OF HIVES

Apples                 Standard                             1 Per Acre

                              Semi-drarf                          2 per acre

                              Dwarf                                   3 per acre

Pears, plums,peaches,cherries

 nectarines,apricots.                                      1 per acre

Cranberries                                                       3 hives per acre

Blueberries                                                       3 hives per acre

Raspberries                                                       1 hive per acre

Strawberries                                                      1 hive per acre


Field crops (cucumbers,squash,                  1 hive per acre

canola, clover, melons, zucchini

buckwheat, trefoil)