Oxalic Acid 1 kg | OPH Beekeeping Supplies

Oxalic Acid 1 kg | OPH Beekeeping Supplies.

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Oxalic Acid 1kg with  Dihydrate 99.6%. 

‘This crystalline powder is a treatment to control the varroa mite in honey bees. It can be used with an oxalic vapourizer or can be dissolved in sugar syrup or sprayed into the hive.

Apply in late fall for best results. Do not use when brood is present.  This 1 kg bottle will treat approximately 500 hives.


Always wear impenetrable  gloves & protective clothing as you don’t want to get the chemical on your skin and wear a full mask respirator with cartridges rated for use of organic acids.


***Medication ships within Canada only***

visit the honey council for more info on treatment methods at http://www.honeycouncil.ca

Picture courtesy of Dancing Bee