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Start a strong new hive with Nucs from Olson Pure Honey expected June 2022

Whether you are a beginner beekeeper, want a garden hive or want to increase your number of hives. 

  • $300 Nucs come with a mated Queen


Our Nucs are of strong quality and have healthy Queens & Nucs. They are very gentle & big honey producers. Includes a cardboard Nuc box. The Nucs are full and ready to be installed into your beehive equipment so that they can expand and grow.

Bee Packages sold out!

We have strong 4 frame NUCS.

Approximate pick up date June 18, 2022 or June 20, 2022 between 7PM-10PM appointment required.


We recommend bringing your protective gear when coming to pick up bees.

Transportation concerns are your responsibility. We do recommend you pickup in evening when foragers are inside the beehives.

Optimal conditions is putting bees in back of pickup with tie down straps you may want to have a netting to cover the bees especially if you are picking up by car transport.

We recommend feeding the NUCS especially if its new undrawn comb.

The nucs are ready to be installed in bigger equipment immediately.

We are not responsible for bees becoming over heated once they leave our care.

 Pre-order by sending email for how many and etransfer to olsonpurehoney@gmail.com or buy on the website