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Mandarin Foot Creme | Michelleadora

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Mandarin Foot Creme with Rosemary & Bergamot by Michelleadora!

This luscious foot cream is made with squalane which promotes ant-aging.  It boosts blood circulation and helps increase collagen production. It has anti-imflammatory properties which promotes healing.

Exotic butters of shea & cocoa butter gives your feet the moisturization it needs to keep them soft and supple. Mandarin essential oil helps anxiety & liver functions, Bergamot is known for analgesic, anti depressant due to its uplifting properties,  and has antiseptic properties and Rosemary essential oil for its energizing effect and analgesic effect.

Comes in a 50 ML/1.7 oz soft tube great when travelling or on the go as it fits right in your purse. 

Directions: Take a dime size amount on your fingertips and spread lightly all over your feet until all absorbed. Use twice daily.