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Beginner Beekeeper Training March 26, 2022 | OPH Beekeeping Supplies

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OPH Beginner Beekeeping Course. A comprehensive overview10 am-4 pm.

We will teach you the basic anatomy of honey bees, how to start up and build a hive, demonstration on building a hive & running a smoker, equipment you need, go over how to install Nucs or bee packages, how to do a hive inspection,  how to introduce a new queen, weather permitting you can visit one of our hives, nutrition and medication for honey bees, how to process honey, regulations for labelling honey, overwintering and how to prepare, how to make money beekeeping.

When you take our course we will help you along the way if you run into trouble with your hive or your not sure what you need to do. Shawn will mentor you.

We recommend getting a bee suit, jacket or at the bare minimum a vented hat with veil as there is always the possibility of getting stung. Also, if you don't know if you are allergic to bee stings you should bring an epi-pen.

We do small groups up to 5 so that you can ask lots of questions. We also serve coffee/tea and pizza for lunch.

Registration is required