Collection: Two Bee Natural Lip Gloss

Two Bee Natural Lip Gloss. Hydrating & silky Lip Gloss with no harsh chemicals. All natural ingredients include cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic avacado oil, organic cocoa butter & natural beeswax, natural flavour oil, mica powder & glitter.

olive oil-to moisturize & protect lips from drying & chapping

avacado oil-very good option for lip hydration it is full of fatty acids & vitamins like A, E and D and helps your lips retain moisture.

cocoa butter-makes your lips silky & moisturized

beeswax-gives it antioxidant & anti-bacterial properties & protects your lips from UV rays

1st Flavour released: NIGHT PASSION (natural cherry flavour)

11ml lip gloss tinted orange red $9.95

8 ml soft tube $6.95

High Shine without any harsh chemicals.

Size: 11 ml tube or 6 ml soft tube.

ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, passionate kisses mica & silver glitter & natural flavour oil.


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