Collection: Hive Tools & Accessories

We have a collection of hive tools for sale your beekeeping needs. These are some of the tools you need to do your hive inspections.

     Smokers-helps calm the bees down before doing your inspection you puff smoke throughout the hive then you can’t get to work.

     Hive tools-these tools help you get the frames out without breaking the frame. The bees add propolis and you need some help to break it up so you get frames out easily. We carry a basic hive tool, a j hive tool & j hive tool with wooden handle.

     Frame grippers-helps you get the propolis frames out easier

     Porter bee escapes-place this in the hole in the inner cover when treating with oxalic acid or when you want to reduce entrance.

     Bee brush-brush bees off the frame so you can look for eggs and to inspect or when removing honey supers

     Beetle blaster-For use when beetles are in the hive. The bees will herd the beetles to it.

     Queen excluders- place the queen excluder between the drone boxes and honey supers that way the queen doesn’t lay eggs in the honey supers.


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