Why does unpasteurized honey crystalize?

We do get the question frequently why natural honey crystallizes. Honey is one of the only food products that never goes bad due to the anti bacterial properties of unpasteurized honey. However temperatures can affect the color and texture of honey.

Crystallization occurs because the natural sugars contained in honey, mainly glucose & fructose, will bind together and form crystals. You may see it first get cloudy and then over time it crystallizes and turn slightly white in color. This tells you it is truly natural honey.

 Crystallized honey is not honey gone bad it is simply a natural process due to all the sugars it contains, What can you do if you want your honey liquid again? All you have to do is slowly warm up your honey the best method is a double-boiler method.  Warm it up a slowly to no more than 104 degrees F. Do not ever microwave your honey it will kill all the natural enzymes, minerals & vitamins it contains.

We recommend storing your honey in your cupboard at room temperature. Storing it in the refrigerator will speed up the crystallization process so it is not recommended.

‘We hope you enjoy our quality natural honey!