What are the three types of hives?

What are the top three types of Beehives? Each one has advantages & disadvantages.

1. Langstroth Hives The langsthroth hive consists of a bottom board, square hive bodies (boxes), frames & foundation & top cover. This is the most common type of hive used in north america and was designed by an American beekeeper named Lorenzo Langstroth. It was designed to make it easier to replace equipment due to brood disease etc. It makes it easier for the beekeeper to check the health of the hive and make corrections. The disavantage is the boxes when filled with honey can he heavy and hard to move.

2. Top Bar Hive This is one of the oldest styles of beehives and is used around the world. It includes a single story frameless hive with individual bars across the top. The bees will make there own comb. Its advantage is beekeepers dont have to lift heavy boxes filled with honey they just remove the individual combs. The bees like it as it is less disruptive They do not need any other equipment including extractors, uncapping knives and so on. The disadvantage is the comb is much more delicate as there is no foundation & needs more maintenance.

3. Warre Hive Emile Warre coined this hive from France. It i a vertical top bar hive it uses bars instead of frames and the bees build their own comb. This is a great for economical beekeepers and their is no need to frequently inspect them. No need for expensive extractors and equipment. You do need to add extra boxes to the bottom called nadiring causing comb to be harvested regularly. This is for the prevention of old comb getting laced with environmental & agricultural chemicals. This is the most natural and chemical free hive and much easier to use as you don't have the heavy honey boxes.