Stock updates for OPH Beekeeping Supplies

We appreciate your patience as we are awaiting more stock. We have the following coming in within the next two weeks:

A skid of pollen patties

Apivar 10 pack we do have a few packs left

Apistan 10 pack

Honey Bee Healthy

we are awaiting medium frame foundation we have the frames just not the foundation

Also getting cut comb foundation as well

Wellington nuc boxes

oxalic acid vaporizers

filter cones

5 gallon pails with honey gate

Honey gates

Jacks scale honey colour grader

Honey for sale signs

1kg plastic honey tubs

500g plastic honey tubs

Comb honey trays

Swarm Commander

Fumagilin 24g & 96 g

Bee Quick


Inner cover plugs

Wooden pollen traps

California queen cages

Hive Alive fondant patties

We appreciate your patience while we get the stock in will be very soon.

The OPH Beekeeping Team