Disclaimer About Beekeeping Supply Pricing


We have been informed by our suppliers that beekeeping products are on the rise and we wanted to inform you that you may see price changes on our website for this reason. We are doing our best to minimize this and if necessary choosing different suppliers to try and get the best prices we can. Things that are going up so far:

Equipment such as extractors, bottling tanks, un-cappers etc.

Frames and Foundation are increasing due to wood product increases and we expect boxes to follow. To combat this we are getting plastic frames in that are a little less expensive. We should have a supply in stock the week of Apr 11-15.

You may see price changes on our website for this reason. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

As you may be aware everything seems to be going up from our gas, food etc. as well. We are hopeful that the industry will stabilize soon.

The OPH Beekeeping  Supplies Team