Benefits of honey!

Olson Pure Honey is Unpasteurized honey made directly from the bees is one of the worlds natural products. If you are concerned about your health and the food you eat why not try unpasteurized  honey. It has many enzymes in it that do the body good. Here are some of the benefits of honey:

1. Helps you lose weight the properties of honey are natural and not refined like sugar and the body treats it different it balances your sugar levels.

2. Helps sooth a sore throat and eases your cough

3. Improves your sleep

4. Helps relieve stress

5. It relieves stomach issues just take 1 tbsp before bed on an empty stomach

6. It is anti-bacterial & anti fungal

7. Stabilizes blood pressure

8. Eliminates allergies

9. Anti-inflammatory

10. Strengthens your immune system

11. Calms nerves

Unpasteurized honey is an amazing product that never goes bad. It may crystallize but that doesn’t mean it has gone bad just warm it up slowly with warm water no more than 95 degrees F.  Any higher than that you will change the properties of honey. Do not put in the refrigerator but keep it at room temperature. Never warm up in a microwave.  Note: You can freeze liquid honey and it won’t crystallize just take it out and thaw to room temperature and enjoy!

Try Olson Pure Honey today!