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  • Disclaimer About Beekeeping Supply Pricing

    Disclaimer about Beekeeping Supply pricing. Our suppliers have informed us that prices are increasing on various equipment & supplies. We are doing our best to minimize this.
  • Why are honey bees dying?

    Why are honey bees dying? Scientists are trying to find out why.
  • Stock updates for OPH Beekeeping Supplies

  • What are the three types of hives?

  • Welcome to OPH Beekeeping Supplies!

  • Beekeeping Supplies now available at Olson Pure Honey

    Beekeeping Supplies & Equipment now available at Olson Pure Honey in Chatham, On. Bees, queens, nucs will be available in June Pre-order now and sign up for our beginner beekeeping classes starting in February.
  • Why does unpasteurized honey crystalize?

  • Benefits of honey!

  • Honey Garlic Chicken Wing Recipe

    Honey garlic chicken wings are so delicious with pure unpasturized honey. In this recipe you are not getting all the  chemicals that go into processed food and sauces.  Taste how good homemade food is. The sauce was  made with honey straight from our hives. We hope you try these recipes with Olson Pure Honey! Enjoy!
  • Our favorite pizza dough made with honey!

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